Stained Glass from the 1800's

Welcome to Our Church!

When you first walk through our doors it's hard not to notice the age and beauty of the building. In 2027 we will be celebrating our bi-centennial and it's plain to see that this congregation has loved and cared for its church.

As you mingle with the others arriving you'll be joining people who dress comfortably, stylishly or somewhere in between. They greet and talk to one another and there's lots of laughter. You'll see young children playing, and older children socializing. Check the bulletin boards and you'll see fliers for community activities and other events taking place at the church because this building is used by many groups.

During the service it will be affirmed that all are welcome and all are worthy. We are a Welcoming Congregation and celebrate the lives of all people; whoever they are, wherever they're from, and whoever they love.

When the service is over you are invited to join us for coffee hour. The china mugs and cloth napkins we use are the most visible evidence of our Green Sanctuary accreditation. We connect our spiritual practice with environmental consciousness and strive to create a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the environment in all aspects of our church life.

Our congregation of over 120 members is thriving. The Circle Suppers, Adult Ed classes, Small Group Ministry, & Pre-school play groups help us maintain a sense of closeness even as our doors and hearts are opening to more people. We are a growing church seeking ways to deeply explore what is spiritual and ethical, to serve the community, and to live our beliefs in the world.


Unitarian Universalist Association

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Weather Emergencies: Sunday services will normally be held regardless of the weather, but please use good judgment when it may not be safe for you to travel to church. If a Sunday service will NOT be held, the decision will be made by 8 AM. We will e-mail members and friends and phone those who do not have e-mail. We will notify TV and Programs and meetings are much more likely than services to be cancelled. Please check e-mail or call the office before coming to a church event in severe weather.

Sunday Service 10 a.m.

September 7:  “Homecoming Sunday”
Reverend Carol Strecker

Where do you find “living water”, water that sustains your heart and soul? Bring a little water you’ve collected this summer from a place that quenches your spiritual thirst. Together we’ll explore the many sources of living water. This year’s celebration will be especially joyful as we rededicate our Sanctuary and light our new chalice together for the first time, providing us with the opportunity to begin again with renewed intention.
All Ages Service.

Starting June 23 thru August 25 at 8:30 a.m.

June 15:  “Our Liberal Lineages”
Rev. Peter T. Richardson

We celebrate our freedom, each of us bringing our unique views to the well-being of the whole. Historically Unitarian Universalists have developed four distinctive perspectives not present among religions before, two from our Unitarian and two from our Universalist heritages. At UU merger in 1961 these swirled around together with more influences in the mix from the surrounding culture. I find the story engaging and hope you will too!
No Church School

June 8:  “Do What You Can”
Spiritual Services Committee

The Spiritual Services Committee shares another message from Rev. Peter Friedrichs.
No Church School

June 1:  “On Community”
Rev. Donald C. Smith

According to the book of Acts, community is the sharing of all things. We have lost that in America. Instead of money being a means of sharing and coming together, it has become a means of dividing people. The Reverend Donald C. Smith will speak from the vantage point of 80 years of life and over 30 years in the ministry. Don will discuss some ways that community is created the most definite of which may be around mission, intimacy or shared issues.
No Church School


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