Speaker: Ellie Rolnick

A Midsummer Morning Sing

Summer services will begin on June 24th at 8:30 am.  These half-hour lay-led services will continue through August 26th.  Regular Sunday services will resume on September 9th.  Volunteers to lead each of these ten services are needed.  The signup sheet  is posted on the bulletin … read more.

Flower Communion

We will wrap up the regular church year with a beautiful service of celebration.  Please bring a cut flower, potted plant, bulb or seed to exchange.  Today we will also welcome new members to our congregation with this formal recognition.


In this holiday recognizing that which makes Unitarian Universalism distinctive, we celebrate the light that shines within each of us. We honor our Unitarian Universalist faith for allowing us to pursue spirit with reason.  We express our commitment to the principles that guide us and to … read more.

Hymn Sing

November 19th is our annual autumn Hymn Sing.  Help choir director, Ellie Rolnick, lead the service with YOUR favorite hymns.   Paper and pencils will be handed out for that purpose on October 29, November 5 and November 12.  ONE NUMBER ONLY please!  Remember to … read more.


Luminescence has been created as a distinctly Unitarian Universalist holiday, to honor the many paths our faith offers for attaining spiritual fulfillment and to celebrate the freedom our faith provides each individual in seeking their own personal truth. Come and celebrate our own religion’s wonderful, … read more.

Hymn Sing

Our annual autumn hymn sing is here once again.  Join us for a morning of mostly singing.  Think about the hymns that you enjoy the most.  You’ll have an opportunity to let me know the numbers on October 2 and 9.  I’ll compile a list … read more.

Summer Inspiration

Much like ‘The Force’ described in the Star Wars Movies, I believe that Spirit is in, around and through us.  It connects us to one another and to all that surrounds us.  For me, summer is when I take the time to listen and be … read more.