We all have stories to share.  Our Memoirs Group helps us to remember our stories and gives us opportunities to share them with one another.  Some people write their stories and read them; others share them in the oral tradition.   Sometimes we write to prompts.  More often we write whatever is most meaningful to us.  A memoirs group may be about story making and sharing, but the connections we make with one another are just as important.  We talk and listen; we laugh and sometimes cry.

Do you want to write stories of your life for your children or grandchildren?  Do you want to write to discover who you are?  Do you want to entertain others or simply play with words and ideas?   Do you want to get to know others more deeply?  Then join us.  We have been gathering since 2013  for periodic six week sessions.  The group is open to all.  It is not a critique group.  It is a group that respectfully listens and responds to our shared stories.