In the Summer of 2016, the Church (UUCSB) undertook a long-term project to repair, restore, and renovate our church buildings. This will include rebuilding the foundation of the Parish Hall, and re-glazing and restoring the windows in the Sanctuary. In addition, there will be other work done as necessary, and as funding permits.


The project will be funded through a long-term Capital Campaign, which will be planned and executed in several phases, over several years. For each phase, once we raise the necessary funds, we will complete sub-projects in order of their urgency and need.


Work that has been completed is struck through.



PART A.    Architect’s Recommendations and Priorities:



  1. Foundation repair under projection at rear of sanctuary – $1,000
  2. Rebuild/repoint Parish Hall chimney – $600
  3. Repair fan light and replace broken window at front of Sanctuary – $1,500
  4. Remove debris, clean, level, area under Parish Hall, cover with plastic – $1,800
  5. Provide new support posts and retaining planks under Parish Hall – $ 5,000
  6. Replace skirt walls around base of Parish Hall with vented synthetic material – $19,000

Total Estimate for PHASE ONE$ 28,900



  1. Complete Restoration of seven (7) large Sanctuary windows – $40,000
  2. Mortar joint repointing and renewal of mortar under Sanctuary – $ 1,000
  3. Replace shingles on rear shed roofs of Sanctuary – $ 300
  4. Replace shingles on rear shed roofs of Parish Hall – $300

Total Estimate for PHASE TWO$ 41,600



  1. Parish Hall Walls and Windows: Replace cracked clapboards, repair rear gable end access door, replace missing trim at cornice, painting and window reglazing – $10,000
  2. Sanctuary Walls and Windows: Replace cracked clapboards, repair front matched-board siding and misc. trim, reglaze minor windows, and painting – $20,000

Total Estimate for PHASE THREE$ 30,000



  1. Central Entrance Area: Replace current concrete platform with new concrete or wood bridge – $10,000-40,000
  2. Central Entrance Area: Carpentry repairs, reglazing or replacement of windows, and painting – $12,000-20,000
  3. Central Entrance Area: Landscaping to control water flow, and protect building foundations – $10,000-20,000

Total Estimate for PHASE FOUR$ 32,000 – 80,000



PART B.    UUCSB Community Wish List:


   Restore/Repair Organ:   Estimate – $80,000-90,000


Replace Heating System:   Estimate – $50,000


Replace Floor Coverings in “Connector Area”:   Estimate – $15,000


Replace Cupola on Sanctuary Roof:   Estimate – $10,000


Add Cushioned Pew Pads to Sanctuary:   Estimate – $10,000



Revision History


15 August 2017 – Peter C Marks – Update opening paragraphs. Strike through completed projects.

30 March 2017 – Peter C Marks – Update of Priority One and Priority Two amounts and Totals.