Welcome to our exciting church community!

When you decide to join this church it will be a big moment for you, and for us. We have a responsibility to see that you are made welcome and that you find a place in our midst where you can make friends and continue your spiritual journey. In return, we ask that you make an effort to become involved in the church in ways that are meaningful for you. We ask you three things: 1) that you find a small group here that feeds your soul, 2) that you join in the work of a committee or project of your choosing, (many hands make lighter and more fun work), and 3) that you support the church as you are able with your financial gifts or by donation of services. When you are ready to join, feel free to contact a member of the Membership Committee.

The suggested membership process is this:

  • Meet with the Membership Committee for a discussion about the church, what you would like from it, what you would like to offer to it, and where you might begin to fit in.
  • Attend an orientation for newcomers – not mandatory but strongly recommended.
  • Participate in a New Member Recognition where you will be officially welcomed into the church, and along with other new members, sign the membership book.

You are considered a member with full voting privileges when you go through these steps and make a contribution that is recorded in your name. We ask that members consider working toward a goal of 3 to 5 percent of income. If this is not possible, a contribution of services will be gratefully accepted. Also, nonmembers who wish to be “friends of the church” will be asked to make a financial pledge. Please know that you are welcome whatever you can give. Please inquire at the office on Sunday morning before church starts, or call the office at 282-0062 for more information.