On the third Sunday of each month, a local charity is selected to share our offering plate.  The selected organization will receive one-half of the loose plate collection.  Since the program’s inception, $1,395.00 has been raised and donated to local charitable organizations.  The breakdown of where the money has gone follows.

May 2017  Day One received $113.50

April 2017 Eastern Trail received $147.00

March 2017 Immigrant Legal Advisory Project received $95.00

February 2017 Saco Food Pantry received $139.50

January 2017  NAACP Maine received $90.00

December 2016 UUCSB Discretionary Fund received $130.00

June 2016 The Common Connection Club in Biddeford received $120.00

May 2016 York County Community Action received $162.00

April 2016 Seeds of Hope Neighborhood Center received $130.00

March 2016 Bon Appetit Meal Program received $83.00

February 2016 The Maine Way,Inc received $185.00