Summer Inspiration

Much like ‘The Force’ described in the Star Wars Movies, I believe that Spirit is in, around and through us.  It connects us to one another and to all that surrounds us.  For me, summer is when I take the time to listen and be open to the messages Spirit has for me.  In these past years the messages have translated into a song in one from or another.  As I write these words summer lays before me, with it’s hope of inspiration.  I look forward to sharing that inspiration in words and song as we seek Spirit together in worship.

Summer services will begin on June 26th at 8:30 am.  These half-hour lay-led services will continue through August 28th.  Regular Sunday services will resume on September 11th.  Volunteers to lead each of these ten services are needed.  The signup sheet  is posted on the bulletin board outside the restrooms. Please sign up to lead one of our informative and delightful summer services. FMI Contact Ellie R., Anne D. or the church office.