Speaker: Rev. Myra Robinson

Gratitude Attitude

Reverend Myra Robinson was ordained in 2016 at the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME) where she currently works as Faculty Advisor and Community Programs Coordinator. She offers clergy services throughout Southern Maine, including her signature Affirmantra Workshops. She has been a member of the UUCSB … read more.

A Comedy of Errors

A serious subject! From laughter yoga to cancer fighting endorphins, humor goes a long way in healing. It also thwarts perfectionism by helping us learn to NOT take ourselves too seriously. You should attend even if you feel funny.

Gratitude from a Distance

Using Buddhist principles and other techniques, we will explore the meaning of “Going to the Balcony” and having gratitude for our learning moments in life, without being caught up in the drama!

Create Your Best Life

Using affirmations is powerful, but using sound (/singing those words) magnifies their effect on your subconscious. “AffirMantras” are the next wave in manifesting your dreams. Come listen and/or participate in a morning of music and song; and learn how to create your best life!

Practice Makes Pretty Good

What is your Spiritual Practice? Art, music, meditation, etc.? Does it bring you peace? Come explore the different ways to weave “connectedness” into your life, no matter what your beliefs or outlook.  Church School.