Speaker: Rev. Sue Gabrielson

Flower Communion

We will wrap up the regular church year with a beautiful service of celebration.  Please bring a cut flower, potted plant, bulb or seed to exchange.

Celebrating Our Shared Ministries!

Join Rev. Sue along with others as they lead  Religious Exploration Sunday, new member recognition and blessing of the shawls.  If you have a prayer shawl to be blessed, please bring that with you.

May Day

We will learn about and reflect on the traditions of May Day and Beltane.  The service will culminate outside with a dance around the Maypole.

Faithful Democracy

As we endure the barrage of political advertisements and struggle through the debates and rhetoric as people aspire toward the office of President of the United States, let us examine the role of politics in church and the 5th UU principle.

Ordinary Times

After Christmas and Easter times, there is a period of liturgical rest called “Ordinary Time”.  We will explore what this time can mean for us and how we can make the ordinary extraordinary.


Easter worship will begin at 10:30 this morning allowing Rev. Sue to lead the service.  Worship will be preceded by a potluck breakfast in the Parish Hall at 9:15.

Spring Equinox

This is the time of spring’s return, the joyful time.  It is a time of balance, when light and dark are equal.